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Multimedia Program

After School 12 week program


The name of our program is VASTP Multimedia Training. VASTP is an acronym for Video, Animation, Sound, Text, and Pictures. The objective of the program is to teach the students media literacy and hands-on technical skills, using the latest technology. The program can be broken down into several components:


  • The video component teaches students lessons in video recording and editing to film their creative ideas or document events. 

  • The animation component teaches students the basics of designing animated logos, text and/or objects using the latest software. 

  • The music component trains the students on how to create their own music productions using the latest high-tech software. The students will then learn how to record vocals to the music, using digital audio software. 

  • The text component teaches students how to write scripts and to create storyboards in order to better prepare their film projects, and to ensure their projects are properly planned and executed. 

  • The photography component trains students in digital photography, using programs such as Photoshop, to manipulate pictures; thus allowing the students to show their creative side, wherever their imagination leads them. 


The VASTP program is not only for young people, it can also be applied to all ages. Participants in the program will began their training in entry level multimedia positions.


The VASTP Program can be implemented as an after school program, or it can be used as a career technical education component. This program has been used before at the Young America Works Public Charter School (PCS) in Washington D.C.  Scott Brown, the person in charge of VASTP, ran it as an award-winning Multimedia department at Young America Works, with success in drawing potential recruits to the school. It effectively caused an increase in enrollment from 150 students to 350 students, all in part because of the program. 


The students will also be producing original music and multimedia productions, utilizing their creative ways of expression. At Howard Road Academy PCS, the students used skills they learned from VASTP to create their viewpoints on important issues such as bullying, peer-pressure, etc.


V.A.S.T.P Multimedia Training Cost:


1 Day Work Shop (4 hours) $  500.00

1 Week Program   (5 days 1.5 hours per day Mon-Fri) $   1,200

9  Week Program (2 days a week 1.5 hours per day) $   9,000

36 week Program (2 days a week 1.5 hours per day) $ 30,000

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