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remote audio/visual podcast

Let VAl MEDIA Produce your audio or video podcast without you or your team ever having to leave the comfort of their home.

Basic:$600 Weekly

  • Will email recording confirmations with the link.

  • Will be present during recordings to be able to pull up anything needed to fact check or pull up any photos on Google Image during recording.

  • Will edit the podcast up to 1 hour and 30 minutes long. This includes basic editing and logo to be present. Can insert intro before podcast.

  • Will take care up uploading podcasts to podcast hosting site and YT.


Standard: $800 Weekly

  • Same as basic, but will offer:

  1. Will make 1 short clip to post on Instagram and TikTok

  2. Will make 1 IG post to post on Instagram


Premium: $1,000 Weekly

  • Same as standard but offers in addition:

  • Will make 2 short clips (instead of 1) to post on Instagram, TikTok, and YT.

  • Will make 2 IG (instead of 1) posts to post on Instagram.

  • Will post to Twitter and Facebook page the 2 short clips, podcast link, and YouTube link.

  • Will assist in talent booking. (Can email pitches, but cannot guarantee guests)

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