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virtual event

Let VAl MEDIA Produce your audio or video podcast without you or your team ever having to leave the comfort of their home.

As a virtual event fan and professional, I suggest the use the platform VirBELA ( where I'm currently working at.

Message me to get free consultation on our platform, then we will help you plan your next virtual event - the price of the event will be set according to VirBELA pricing offer and 100% organized on our platform.


The outcome? A memorable, engaging experience, not to mention the ROI opportunities.



Looking for physical event consultation instead? This consultancy will be done through Fiverr and includes:


  • Event timeline

  • Milestones 

  • Social media plan + offline marketing plan

  • Resources research 

  • Passion


Pricing to be discussed depending on your needs.


Start planning your event now!

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